Winfield Farms: We are a small family farm and Bed & Breakfast just outside of Austin, Texas striving to maintain a balance between modern life and old world values.

We grow our produce, sprouts, and edible flowers following strict organic methods. We are hesitant to use any sprays or commercial fertilizers as often they carry products we don’t believe should be in our food system. We never use fish emulsion as we are vegetarians and cannot justify the over-fishing of our oceans. Also we have serious concerns about the addition of mercury to our soil. We plant according to the season and according to the pests so sometimes we have a lot of kale and other times we can’t even get one bunch out of the row.

Here are just some of the things that can be found at the market: Amazing gmo free/soy and corn free fed chicken eggs, heirloom tomatoes, three kinds of squash, Sangre (red) potatoes, boro beets, carrots, purple basil, Texas Legend and 1015 sweet onions, green bell peppers, radishes, both the cranberry pecan and blueberry almond granolas we serve in our guest cabin, strawberry jam, blueberry rhubarb jam, peach jam, and blueberry jam.

To learn more about Winfield Farm visit HERE. 

Be sure to stop by, try a sample and say hello!

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