Imagine Lavender Farm

Lavender has many benefits. –– It can calm your stomach, mind, and skin, and it’s great on fighting dandruff. Lavender can help reduce ‘bad bacteria’ in your gut, and is known to help relax the nerves while giving a therapeutic calming effect and can ease itchy, dry or irritated skin. But did you also know that lavender grows beautifully at the Rocking L Ranch, located in the Hill Country between Blanco “Lavender Capital of Texas” and Johnson City?

This lavender haven is nestled within the Logue Family Ranch but can be found every Sunday at the Lone Star Farmers Market.

Be sure to stop by, say hello and smell the relaxing lavender.

Imagine_lavender Gifts, soaps, oils and more.


Visit the Imagine Lavender Farm for some relaxation and peace,  bring your camera, maybe a picnic, and enjoy nature. You could even take a peek at our Fairy Habitat –– You will leave refreshed and calm.

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