Award-winning tamales and fresh-made salsas make for a perfect meal. Available every Sunday at the Lone Star Farmer’s Market in all varieties including vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free. All made with fresh, local, and organic ingredients ~ Stop by and say hello to this wonderful family!

The Gardener’s Feast: 

Is local Austinite family-owned healthy-food company with a taste of mexican spiciness with the idea to start-up our food business in 2009. They began experimenting with old grandma´s recipes using organic, natural, and local  ingredients. Thus, The Gardener’s Feast started producing by traditional ways and hand crafted from scratch the food that we love. This culinary heritage has not changed over the centuries and now they are passing it on to their  kids and continuing the tradition. The Gardener’s Feast salsas are specially made to be paired with their tamales and gorditas. We made our salsa from scratch using only fresh ingredients.

Learn more about them here: The Gardener’s Feast  and get your Tamale Addiction started!