1. How long have you been making your signature Carrot Relish?
I started the business in March 2013 but the first 6 months consisted of market testing and perfecting the recipe, designing labels, getting permits, finding a licensed production facility, getting certified as a food manager, securing general liability insurance, etc.
I started selling the current version (perfected recipe) of the Carrot Relish in September 2013.

And how did you come up with the recipe? 

It’s my grandmother’s recipe from East Africa. She passed away in 2005 and is well remembered for her passion for cooking quality, healthy dishes with love from scratch. I tried different variations of the recipe  I secured from my Aunt until I got the result that best resembles the taste from my childhood!

2. What is your favorite recipe to create with it or favorite dish to add it too? 

I enjoy adding it to hummus, then wrapping the Carrot Relish Hummus mixture with Kale or any greens. It’s a healthy, tasty, vegan snack!!

3. What were you doing before launching your Moru Foods Company?

I worked 70+ hours a week at a desk job helping manage companies to become more successful. I have an accounting degree and have worked in public practice and in private practice. In 2013 I realized, I could make other companies successful or invest in myself and follow my passion for food….so I decided to do the latter!

4. What’s the biggest thing that you’ve learned along the way since launching the company?

Austin is one of the most supportive cities for new entrepreneurs for which I am very grateful. I’ve asked for guidance in various areas since launching this business from scratch and people continue to come onto my path that can and are willing to help.

5. What do you love most about the […]