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Strawberry Quinoa Salad Wraps with Maple Tahini Dressing

Spring has sprung in Texas and at the market! Colorful produce is slowly making its way out to the Hill Country and with that comes things such as artichokes, spinach, spring onions, and strawberries. Of Course strawberries are great on their own but why not try them in these wraps for a quick and easy springtime meal.
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Broccoli Beef

Pick up some fresh broccoli and grass-fed beef at the market and make this quick and easy meal.
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Spinach Pesto & Bacon Pizza

When life gives you spinach, make pesto. Spinach is back at the market thanks to our friends at Johnson’s Backyard Garden. One way to get the kids to gobble up this leafy green is on this Spinach Pesto & Bacon Pizza. Spinach is loaded with flavor and Vitamin A, K, C, and iron, as well as Folate, Beta Carotene, and Manganese. Pick some up at the market this Sunday!
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Lemon Broccoli Hummus

Beautiful florets and stalks of broccoli are all over the market now. This recipe is light, healthy, and comes together easily. Dip in some freshly chopped carrots, beets, and crackers, spread it on your next sandwich, or even make it for the BIG game this Sunday! Broccoli is high in Fiber, Potassium, and loaded with Vitamin C.
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This Week: Fresh Resolve for 2015

As much as resolutions might intimidate us, the new year brings opportunities for change.  In 2015,  we are all thinking about food, nutrition, and the affect of our lives on the environment.  But the reality is that change isn’t always easy.  That’s why the asset of a farmers market in your community is so valuable.  By bringing farmers and food artisans to your neighborhood, the market helps make new choices and best intentions attainable.

This year at Lone Star Farmers Market our goal is to make it easy, sensible, and fun to buy food that is healthy and sustainable and good for small business. We’re also providing a wonderful way for you to spend time with friends and family, and meet the people who bring all the bounty to you. Sundays at the market are the perfect opportunity to carve out time, slow things down and enjoy a new way of shopping, eating, cooking…even living.

We wish you the best this year, and will work to bring you the best of what our region has to offer!  Watch this newsletter to stay informed of what’s happening at the market this year. ~ Gina Harlow of Peaches and Prosciutto

Broccoli, Beets, Cabbage, Carrots, Lettuces,
Swiss Chard, Spinach, Cilantro,
Daikon Radish, Scallions, Certified Organic Citrus, Farm Fresh Eggs, and More!

This week pick up some fresh cabbage from Johnson’s Backyard Garden or Winfield Farms and try this recipe from Local Savour for Grilled Cabbage Salad with Blue Cheese and Honey

Don’t forget to stay for Breakfast Frittatas!

As well as the popular Godfather Lasagna, Spinach Stuffed Shells, and Chicken Green Chili Enchiladas ~ From 512 Market Kitchen


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Maple Sesame Miso Brussels Sprouts

Brussels Sprouts are back at the market thanks to Johnson’s Backyard Garden. The best way to cook them is by roasting and this Maple Sesame Miso Brussels Sprouts dish doesn’t disappoint. It’s perfect for an easy weeknight side dish or to go with your next meal ~ sweet and slightly tangy brussels sprouts, try these today.
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Roasted Garlic, Cauliflower & Cheddar Cheese Soup

Cauliflower is in full swing at the market. Warm up with this cheesy, cauliflower bowl of goodness. While white is the most popular color of cauliflower this soup can be made with any color that you prefer. Cauliflower is related to the cabbage family but is in a different cultivar group and is loaded with Vitamin C, K and Folate.
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Maple Glazed Carrots

Pick up some Maple Syrup and Carrots at the market and you’ve got a crowd pleasing side dish for your Thanksgiving Day table and beyond.
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Roasted Red Pepper & Cilantro Crostini

The red peppers from Winfield Farm are so lovely right now and full of sweet peppery goodness, vitamin C, vitamin E, and six healthy carotenoids –– alpha-carotene, beta-carotene, lycopene, lutein, cryptoxanthin and zeaxanthin. With the holiday party season right around the corner comes a time full of delicious foods to share. Try this Roasted Red Pepper & Cilantro Crostini at your next event.
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Twice Baked Bacon Sweet Potatoes With Maple Cream

These twice baked sweet potatoes loaded up with salty bacon and sweet maple cream are sure to please your family this fall. Hearty enough to be a full meal or serve them as a side at your next autumn soirée.
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