Is there such a thing as “healthy chocolate?” Jim Currin of Jim’s Health Chocolates is out to prove that chocolate when made thoughtfully can be beneficial and delicious!

1. How long have you been making your signature chocolate and how did you get started in the business?
I’ve been a chocoholic my whole life, and have long been searching for a healthy alternative to the sugar and preservative-laden products on the market. This past August I was undergoing a cleanse in an attempt to pin-point some food allergies and was restricted to pretty much eating only lean proteins and greens. I was craving chocolates like crazy, but was also determined to stick with the cleanse, so I began to experiment with different chocolate concoctions in an attempt to find a healthy recipe as there was really nothing I could have in the stores. After about six months I came up with a combination that I thought was pretty good. I began taste tests with friends and with my students and got very positive reactions and also some kind but helpful suggestions. My taste testers began to encourage me to market my product and Jim’s Healthy Chocolates was born.

2. What were you doing before launching  your company?
I was and still am a teacher, though I would love for my chocolates to become much more than a fun hobby. I’ve taught grades K-University but have spent most of my life dedicated to high school kids. I started my career in a federally funded bilingual program for the children of migrant farm workers in south Texas. I’ve been an ESL/ Bilingual specialist for K-6, taught for a Junior College in the Texas Correctional System in Huntsville one summer (one summer was enough), and […]