Because the farmers at Lone Star Farmers Market are experienced growers, they know how to handle the challenges of weather and still bring a bounty of delicious food to our customers. Brenna Peterson, who works the Johnson’s Backyard Garden stand at the market, says the variety at this time of year is almost overwhelming. She especially loves “all the color of the winter produce.”

What does that mean exactly? Brenna is not just referring to pretty food. The color of fruits and vegetables comes from phytochemicals. Plants rich in color are high in these chemicals that are believed to reduce the risk of chronic health problems. The winter harvest is full of these vegetables, such as leafy greens, cool season flowering plants, and a variety of root veggies.  It’s also peak season for citrus. Best of all is that the fruits and vegetables at Lone Star Farmers Market come from just miles away and most times are only hours out of the ground or off the tree or vine.

That’s why, even though you may need a jacket, now is the time to make it out to the market. Grab a hot cup of coffee, listen to cool music and get your share of beautiful, healthy food. ~ Gina Harlow of Peaches and Prosciutto

It’s time again for JBG’s Annual Bulk Citrus Sale!  Organic oranges and grapefruit are available for purchase at a cost of $12 for a 10 lb. bag.  These delicious oranges and grapefruit are grown in the Rio Grand Valley by our friends at G&S Groves, a certified organic grower in McAllen, Texas. ORDER HERE and pick-up at the Market!

Be sure to stop by and say hello to the Johnson’s Backyard Garden crew. To learn more visit HERE!