Healthy Hound makes locally sourced, 100% natural dog food and treats for your best pal right here in Austin, Texas.
What makes a Healthy Hound? The most important predictor of a dog’s health is his diet. What your dog eats every day plays a defining role in his vitality, strength, muscle development and even his longevity. At Healthy Hound, we are committed to providing only the highest quality food and treats for your pet.

That is why all the ingredients in Healthy Hound are of the finest quality and certified for human consumption by the USDA and FDA. Healthy Hound uses only all-natural or organic meats, fruits and vegetables – locally sourced in Central Texas  – in our food and treats. You will never find any of the corn, fillers, dyes, by-products or additives that are in other dog foods and treats. At Healthy Hound, we make great food for great dogs!

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