Guatemalan grown, Texas roasted.
The Kuxtal coffee beans are all processed at the farm in Guatemala using natural spring water as a wet wash, then sun dried. After proper drying has been completed its then shipped directly to Kuxtal Coffee and Tea for roasting. The Kuxtal facility is located in the picturesque Hill Country and lakeside community of Lago Vista Texas. The beans are then roasted on a 1913 Royal #5 Coffee Roaster or as some might refer to as a piece of history, art and functionality all rolled into one.
Co-founders, Scott and Regina Bogart, have been roasting coffee as a hobby for the past 20 plus years. While living in Guatemala, prior to their relocating to Texas in 2001, the couple always looked forward to receiving fresh green beans from the local farms so they could roast their own fresh batches. Available in whole bean, ground or just a cup at the market.
Watch this great video to learn more about their flavorful beans and what makes them so special:

For more information about Kuxtal Coffee visit the HERE or stop by and see them at the market!