Knotty Nice Bakery started with the question “What are we eating?” Co-owner Adie became more aware through becoming sick and not knowing what the problem was. Adie knew that her food could be the problem and began to break down the ingredients of her meals. Gluten was found to be the culprit. She began to study different uses and became aware of their effects. She discovered there was a limited variety of Gluten intolerant options in Austin and that her idea of breaking down recipes and finding local ingredients with a different way of making foods was in demand. Thus, the Knotty Nice Bakery was born.
Knotty has many meanings but it is the sweet desserts and artisan bread, pastries, and confectionaries that are sometimes seen as a ‘naughty’ treats.
Nice is described as artisan breads, pastries, and confections that are vegan, dairy-free, and gluten free. They are a nice option for sweets that most people with special allergies or food limitations do not have.
The Knotty Nice Bakery offers both Gluten-Free AND Traditional options and in various flavors such as: Lemon Cardamom Lavender, Peanut Butter cookies; Vanilla Bean, Chocolate Ganache, Red Velvet cupcakes; Blueberry, Banana nut, Pumpkin Spice muffins. They also offer a delicious line of Handcrafted caramels: Classic Salt, Honey, Coconut and Bourbon and each are available for sampling.

Knotty Nice Bakery strives to find fresh local and organic ingredients whenever possible.  All products are available by special order, only a limited selection is available on market days, selection will be posted on the Knotty Nice facebook page in advance. Tax included on taxable items.
Be sure to stop by, say hello and try a sample of two.