Providing you the best local quality in the state of Texas, at your fingertips.



Our mission is to connect families and restaurants with the producers in a farm to table fashion with local quality product where you can taste the difference while cultivating a sustainable local economy.


How It Works

Producers-  post their fresh produce, meats, dairy, prepared foods, etc. creating a virtual fresh farmers market at your fingertips.

Buyers – place your order based on available quantity, pay with a credit card and the product is shipped directly to your door step from the farmer themselves.  Some farmers may have a pick up at local market option which not only guarantees you your fresh product but also saves you on shipping.


Keeping it LOCAL

Local means all the product is coming from less than a one day drive to be delivered to your door step.

  • Taste the difference when it’s not harvested til it’s ripe
  • Support the local Economy by keeping our money local
  • Connect with the producers and read about their standards (Meet Our Farmers  LINK)
  • Keep in touch with the local season
  • Create local sustainability