Music brings people together and creates a great atmosphere at the market. We love to support local musicians on their journey to stardom. Thing you have what it takes to get people dancing at the market? Send us your information and a link to listen to your music…we are always looking for great new musicians to showcase at the Farmers’ Market!

Musician Bio’s

Deann René has been singing and performing since she could walk and talk. Herchildhood was music-centric; her parents were music instructors, and they taught kids in elementary school up through high school. Deann started her musical career with the piano and clarinet, which she started playing in junior high. She began writing songs while sitting at the piano, then finally picked up the guitar after college. Besides her parents’ musical influence, Deann is inspired by many musical artists, including Prince, Michael Jackson, Linda Perry, Sheryl Crowe, Alanis Morrisette and Dolly Parton; the list goes on and on. Today, Deann performs her original music with her full rock band and solo. Her lyrics tend to tell the stories of her life experiences, as songwriting is her favorite therapy.

Amber Lucille and “The Lightness” offers a beautiful blend of Country, Rock, Americana and original music.

The solid band line-up includes Amber Lucille on bass and vocals, Charlie Murphy on lead guitar and vocals and Melodie Zapata on drums and vocals. All the band members write and sing their own music, as well as offering backup and sweet harmonies to Amber’s songs. Amber Lucille has opened for, or shared the stage with Kevin Fowler, Seth James, Billy Joe Shaver, The Mother Truckers, Micky and the Motorcars, James Otto, Vallejo and Rosehill.

Randy Stern, born and raised in New York City, is a seasoned singer/songwriter/musician and world travelling troubadour. He established his roots as founder, lead singer, songwriter and guitarist for Brooklyn’s indie rockers, The Nerve over its 10 year career.

His first solo album “Give” was released in the summer of ’09, also on Heyday Records, and Mr. Stern has toured the country twice in support of the album. He’s currently working on his 2nd release and a 3rd US tour. He has also recently relocated to his new home, Austin, Texas where he continues to flourish as a singer/songwriter in the live music capital of the world.

Mark Campbell   Known as the “One Man Acoustic Rock and Roll Show” in his hometown of Houston for many years, in an ongoing high-output performance that was highly requested. Mach’s shows are much more varied and low- key listenable in a wider range, eclectic and in step with the environment.

In contrast to his work with Soulshaker, Mach’s solo work is more “Americana,” or “Englaterra,” yet still patently his own.

  • 1994: More Luck than a Cartoon Cat
  • 1997: Mark Campbell / Soulshaker (CD)
  • 2004: Straight Ahead Human ( Soulshaker)
J Wagner: Bio  A child of Albuquerque, New Mexico and one time park ranger of the Joshua Tree National Park, J Wagner weaves stories filled with red rocks, creosotes, and sagebrush of the American Southwest into tangible and intimate songs. He is well known for writing songs that other performers cover. His music has been covered and recorded by a variety of notable musicians such as Gregory Alan Isakov, Victoria Williams, Bart Crow, Shannon Wurst, 3 Penny Acre and many countless others. Along with being a finalist in the Kerrville Songwriting Competition, his co-write “If I Go, I’m Goin” was in season four of Showtime’s television series “Californication”. He now resides in central Texas where the Austin American Statesman refers to him as “The number one best bet” and the Dallas Morning News labels him as “A Texas Folk Music Staple”. He performs often throughout the Southwest and is currently touring to support his new album “Disappear”


 Andrea Mann and Grace Ward have joined talents to create The Sassy Spurs. Blending classic old country with pop country and R&B favorites; their voices resonate a warm, soulful tone. See for future shows. At 15 and 14 years old, The Sassy Spurs are currently lighting up the local Austin area music scene learn more about them here: 


 Joanna Lee has fearlessly blended up a mix of styles for listeners of all ages. The result- an irresistible flavor she confidently owns. With a dash of Joss Stone, Alicia Keys, and Stevie Wonder, Joanna has drawn from the well of the greats and quenched the thirst of those who seek inventive, soulful, genuine music. Whether she’s attracting soul fans with her innovative voice stylings or luring in pop fanatics with her catchy melodies and lyrics, Joanna has a passion for both performing and writing music. Currently working on her debut album, Joanna incorporates sophisticated songwriting with simple heartfelt lyrics about life, relationships and priceless moments caught in time. An eclectic mix of R&B, soul, and blues all swirled together create a refreshing and sophisticated twist on pop music. Joanna Lee takes acoustic music out of its comfort zone and lends each song unique individuality. Finally at 26 years old, Joanna Lee has relentlessly found her own sound by fusing R&B, soul, funk, blues into a singer/ songwriters own adventurous twist on pop music. Learn more about her here: 


 Russell Warren Mayes , Americana Music, singer, vocalist, instrumentalist, versatility, original artist, cover singer, arranger, Texas Songwriter, entertainer, performer, Warr777, Soul, Wedding Singer, Rock Climber.

Follow along and learn more about him here: 


 Joe Sundell and the Show and Tellers: From the back roads of the American south comes a fresh sound that carries an old familiar feeling. In the styles of country blues, ragtime and swing, Joe Sundell fashions original songs which immediately strike the listener as timeless yet relevant to the modern world. An Arkansas native who specializes in banjo and harmonica, Sundell honed his songwriting style playing in the honky tonks and bars in and around Little Rock before relocating to Austin where he met bassist and fellow Arkansan, Melissa Carper. Carper grew up playing country music with her family, studied classical, and in her travels throughout Arkansas and Louisiana, discovered a love for old time, bluegrass, early blues and jazz. When Sundell and Carper began busking Austin’s downtown farmers’ market together, they found an immediate musical chemistry, Carper’s harmony singing and songwriting a perfect complement to Sundell’s. One sunny Saturday morning at the market they were joined by fiddler, Rebecca Patek, and Joe Sundell and the Show and Tellers was born. Patek, from Wisconsin, grew up playing classical violin and became hooked on old time and bluegrass in middle school when her mom took her to a bluegrass jam at a local bar. Patek went on to study jazz violin and has won the Wisconsin state fiddle championship several times.

Rooted in tradition and chock full of fresh invention, Joe Sundell and the Show and Tellers delight the listener with an exciting menagerie of styles and stellar musicianship. Featuring tight harmonies and impeccable songwriting, the group is one of Austin’s hottest up and coming acoustic acts! Learn more here: