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Vendor Highlights: Engel Farms

Engel farms is a third generation farmstead that has come full circle. Owned and operated by John Engel (and partner Cypress Sigman) the farm started out conventional, but after being exposed to the organic movement and information from growers at the Austin Farmers Markets, he began his transition to organic. It has been a steady and successful process so far. Producing a wide array of fruits and vegetables in Frederickburg, Texas –– Engel Farms has certainly made a name for itself.

Engel Farms is growing everyday (both literally and figuratively) offering things such as:

Blackeyed Peas
Bell Peppers
Butternut Squash
Brussel Sprouts
Cream Peas
Fresh herbs: basils, sage, mints, tx tarragon, thyme, oregano, marjoram, lemongrass, lemon verbena, rosemary, chives
Green Beans
Melons: watermelons, cantaloupes, canary, holiday, specialty
Sweet potatoes
Tomatoes: cherry, cocktail, rembrandt, poppinsweet, red slicers, heirloom, orange slicer, black, green
Yellow Squash
Zucchini: golden, green

on a seasonal basis. Be sure to stop by, say hello and try a sample or two.

For more info on Engel Farms Visit HERE and get a virtual farm tour too.

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Vendor Highlights: Richardson Farms

Richardson Farms is a family owned and operated business that has been around for several generations. Located in Rockdale, TX this family run farm produces an abundance of grass-fed beef, pastured poultry and pork and farm fresh eggs. In addition to these delicious meat varieties they also have specialty grain products such as: whole wheat flour, wheat berries, pearl millet grain, pearl millet flour, Hickory King corn meal, popping corn, gluten free sorghum flour and syrup.

The Flour: is a powerhouse of nutrition and adds a wonderful flavor to gluten-free baking.

The Syrup: tastes similar to molasses and works well in baked goods or drizzled over some biscuits or waffles.

Did you know that you can pre-order your holiday turkey from Richardson Farms as well?

Stop by, say hello and pick-up some Richardson Farms products every Sunday at the market.


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Vendor Highlights: High Country Bison

High Country Bison sells grass-fed ground bison, hot dogs, short ribs, chili meat and has whole bison available.

100% Natural
Free range and grass fed
Native to the species
Raised in a stress-free environment
Free of hormones, chemicals, and antibiotics

Bison meat is lower in fat than that of cattle, with fewer calories and higher in protein. Extremely nutrient dense, a single serving provides good amounts of iron, zinc and the antioxidant selenium.
Be sure to stop by, try a sample and say hello!

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Market News:

Melon season is here and there are plenty to choose from at the market! Talk to the vendors about all the different varieties available!

Have you been to check out our new layout? We have changed things up a little, but think this will be great for you and all our vendors. If you are having trouble finding one of your favorite vendors, stop by the information booth and we’ll be glad to help!

Sample Tent – Come see us at the sample tent each week to try this week’s market combination. We feature different vendors each week to give you ideas of what to do with market products!

Hot weather and your dogs – Remember to watch the heat, if you can’t walk barefoot out there, then neither should your furry best friend…unless you get them some super-cool doggy boots, that is!

The market now offers Gift Certificates! Stop by the information booth to pick up a perfect gift for someone who loves the market!

512 Market Kitchen

Did you know you can now order breakfast and lunch at the market? Cooked to order and grab-and-go meals available.
For more information, visit

512 Market Kitchen Coffee coming soon!

Stay Sharp! The Clipper Guy  will be at the market on Sunday, July 27th, August 10th, & August 24th get your knives sharpened while you shop! 

New Vendors
Two Happy Children Farm
Fruits and vegetables

Tecolote Farm
Fruits and vegetables

Brunch Knot
Fresh baked breads and pastries

Crust & Crumb Bakery
Fresh baked breads

JJ’s Queso

Tomatillo Heaven Salsa
Chunky avocado salsa

Knotty Nice Bakery
Gluten-free baked dessertsBlackberry Blossom Foods
Maple syrup
Click Here to visit their FaceBook page.Winfield Farms
Fruits and vegetablesThe Spicewood Food Co.
Vinegars, dips, sauces and mustards

Thompson’s Eggs

Open Circle Farm
Eggs and vegetables

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Vendor Highlights: Knotty Nice Bakery

Knotty Nice Bakery started with the question “What are we eating?” Co-owner Adie became more aware through becoming sick and not knowing what the problem was. Adie knew that her food could be the problem and began to break down the ingredients of her meals. Gluten was found to be the culprit. She began to study different uses and became aware of their effects. She discovered there was a limited variety of Gluten intolerant options in Austin and that her idea of breaking down recipes and finding local ingredients with a different way of making foods was in demand. Thus, the Knotty Nice Bakery was born.
Knotty has many meanings but it is the sweet desserts and artisan bread, pastries, and confectionaries that are sometimes seen as a ‘naughty’ treats.
Nice is described as artisan breads, pastries, and confections that are vegan, dairy-free, and gluten free. They are a nice option for sweets that most people with special allergies or food limitations do not have.
The Knotty Nice Bakery offers both Gluten-Free AND Traditional options and in various flavors such as: Lemon Cardamom Lavender, Peanut Butter cookies; Vanilla Bean, Chocolate Ganache, Red Velvet cupcakes; Blueberry, Banana nut, Pumpkin Spice muffins. They also offer a delicious line of Handcrafted caramels: Classic Salt, Honey, Coconut and Bourbon and each are available for sampling.

Knotty Nice Bakery strives to find fresh local and organic ingredients whenever possible.  All products are available by special order, only a limited selection is available on market days, selection will be posted on the Knotty Nice facebook page in advance. Tax included on taxable items.
Be sure to stop by, say hello and try a sample of two. 

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FREE Yoga, Music and a Red Arena Benefit ~ 6/1

Come on out to the Lone Star Farmers Market Sunday June 1, 2014 from 10am-2pm!

It’s going to be a beautiful day loaded with some of summers finest Texas produce.

The good people of Resolute Fitness will be on-hand offering a FREE outdoor at the market yoga class for all levels.

Face painting for the kids FREE music from The Sassy Spurs are sure to help treat your Sunday right.

Special Guests of the Day: The Red Arena ~ offering organic carrots for donation to hand feed the horses and help raise awareness for this wonderful cause.

What is the The Red Arena? It’s a local 501c3 non-profit with a mission of empowering kids and adults with disabilities through horses. They offer therapy sessions on the horses as well as riding lessons, serving over 60 kids and adults each week.

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NEW At the Market!

We are pleased to welcome some new vendors to the market ~ Stop by and say hello this Sunday!

Moru Foods
Carrot Relish.
Click Here to Visit Their Website.

Blackberry Blossom Foods
 Maple Syrup

Click Here to Visit Their FaceBook Page.

Bikkirum Farms
Fruits & Vegetables

Brazos Valley Cheese
Hand Crafted Cheese.
Click Here to Visit Their Website.

Flying Pig Provision Co. 
Click Here to Visit Their Website.

Jim’s Healthy Chocolates
Delicious & Healthy Chocolate Candies.

Open Circle Farm
Eggs and Vegetables.

The Clipper Guy
Stay Sharp!
Knife Sharpening – Every Other Week

512 Market Kitchen
Sit Down or Grab & Go Market Fresh Meals
Click Here to Visit Their Website.

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