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Meet our Farmers

Vendor Highlights: HannaLeigh Farms

Owned and operated by Rob Nash and located in the Lake Travis area, HannaLeigh farm offers all natural, pesticide free lettuce, greens, herbs and fish and is a pioneer in hydro and aquaponics.
They are committed to providing healthy and nutritious products and only organic seeds and supplements. HannaLeigh Farm utilizes an ultra sustainable aquaponic growing method, we are able to produce safe and delicious produce year round, including hormone and antibiotic free tilapia.

Products range from (depending on the season), Swiss chard, Asian eggplant and kale to lettuces, spinach and fresh herbs.  If you are interested in learning more about the system, he’ll gladly teach you how to set one up in your own backyard.

To learn more about HannaLeigh Farm visit HERE!
Be sure to stop by, try a sample and say hello! 


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Vendor Highlights: I O Ranch Lamb

At I O Ranch Lamb, all of our grass-fed lambs are raised right here on our ranch in Lampasas County,

Texas. All lambs are 100% grass fed and finished, and are all natural. The sheep graze freely on our fields and pastures on the I O Ranch, which sits along beautiful Heatley Creek and the Lampasas River.

The lambs are never given any growth hormones or antibiotics. In the rare event that an animal gets sick and needs medical attention, that animal is pulled from the program and sold through the traditional commercial markets. Every step is taken to ensure that all of the animals are treated humanely, and are stress free. After all, a stress free animal will grow better, be healthier, taste better, and will be more tender. Because we sell you only lamb from our ranch, we know each animal’s history. We personally guarantee the purity and quality of our lamb.


The lamb you buy from I O Ranch Lamb is 100% grass fed and finished – never placed in feed lots, never given hormones or antibiotics.


A growing body of research indicates that eating grass fed meat is a healthy choice for your family, because it is rich in Omega-3 fatty acids, Vitamin E and beta-carotene, and lower in fat than grain fed meat. We believe that eating grass fed lamb from I O Ranch is a healthy way to enjoy meat in your diet.


Come on by and say hello to Jeff and he will answer any question you may have.

Learn more about I O Ranch Grass Fed Lamb HERE! 

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Vendor Highlights: Engel Farms

Engel farms is a third generation farmstead that has come full circle. Owned and operated by John Engel (and partner Cypress Sigman) the farm started out conventional, but after being exposed to the organic movement and information from growers at the Austin Farmers Markets, he began his transition to organic. It has been a steady and successful process so far. Producing a wide array of fruits and vegetables in Frederickburg, Texas –– Engel Farms has certainly made a name for itself.

Engel Farms is growing everyday (both literally and figuratively) offering things such as:

Blackeyed Peas
Bell Peppers
Butternut Squash
Brussel Sprouts
Cream Peas
Fresh herbs: basils, sage, mints, tx tarragon, thyme, oregano, marjoram, lemongrass, lemon verbena, rosemary, chives
Green Beans
Melons: watermelons, cantaloupes, canary, holiday, specialty
Sweet potatoes
Tomatoes: cherry, cocktail, rembrandt, poppinsweet, red slicers, heirloom, orange slicer, black, green
Yellow Squash
Zucchini: golden, green

on a seasonal basis. Be sure to stop by, say hello and try a sample or two.

For more info on Engel Farms Visit HERE and get a virtual farm tour too.

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Vendor Highlights: Richardson Farms

Richardson Farms is a family owned and operated business that has been around for several generations. Located in Rockdale, TX this family run farm produces an abundance of grass-fed beef, pastured poultry and pork and farm fresh eggs. In addition to these delicious meat varieties they also have specialty grain products such as: whole wheat flour, wheat berries, pearl millet grain, pearl millet flour, Hickory King corn meal, popping corn, gluten free sorghum flour and syrup.

The Flour: is a powerhouse of nutrition and adds a wonderful flavor to gluten-free baking.

The Syrup: tastes similar to molasses and works well in baked goods or drizzled over some biscuits or waffles.

Did you know that you can pre-order your holiday turkey from Richardson Farms as well?

Stop by, say hello and pick-up some Richardson Farms products every Sunday at the market.


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Vendor Highlights: High Country Bison

High Country Bison sells grass-fed ground bison, hot dogs, short ribs, chili meat and has whole bison available.

100% Natural
Free range and grass fed
Native to the species
Raised in a stress-free environment
Free of hormones, chemicals, and antibiotics

Bison meat is lower in fat than that of cattle, with fewer calories and higher in protein. Extremely nutrient dense, a single serving provides good amounts of iron, zinc and the antioxidant selenium.
Be sure to stop by, try a sample and say hello!

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Please Welcome Two Happy Children to the LSFM!

We are thrilled to announce that the hard working and dedicated farmers from Two Happy Children will be joining us at the Lone Star Markets every Sunday starting this week.

Two Happy Children is located just outside Taylor, Texas and grows more than 60 varieties of vegetables on 30 acres. Their specialities are sweet corn, melons, various Asian melons and herbs, and many varieties of heirloom and traditional tomatoes.

This month your will find a variety of produce available in addition to fresh beef products as June turns into hot July.
 ***  Be sure to try their amazing Samurai Sweet Corn ~ YUM! ***
Green beans, cabbage, carrots, cucumbers, yellow squash, zucchini, onions, potatoes, sweet corn, tomatoes, butternut squash, acorn squash, cantaloupe, honeydew, watermelon, herbs,shallots,garlic,celery, celeriac. Opo (Asian squash), Thai melon, cucumbers, yellow squash, zucchini, onions, potatoes, tomatoes, butternut squash, acorn squash, cantaloupe, honeydew, watermelon, garlic, Okra, herbs,bell peppers, thai peppers, habeneros, eggplant (Italian, Asian, and white).

To learn more about Two Happy Children visit HERE.
Stop by their booth, try some free samples and give them a warm Lone Star Market welcome! 


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Vendor Highlights: Texas Hill Country Olive Company


Did you know that you can pick up a bottle of award-winning, locally grown and produced olive oil at the Lone Star Farmers Market?

Texas Hill Country Olive Company has been run their certified organic family business since 2005, offering their hand-picked selection of olive oils, vinegars and gifts every Sunday.

Here’s more about Texas Hill Country Olive Company & their lovely farm:
While we struggle to keep our landscapes watered and green, olive trees mixed with the drought of the Hill Country and the limestone terrain has a different result. These Hill Country traits produce award winning, premium olive oil. The Texas Hill Country Olive Company is a family owned business, built by John and daughter Cara, along with brother-in-law Rick Mensik. Their focus has been on providing fresh, locally grown and pressed, premium extra virgin olive oil. They produce 3 varieties of olive oils ranging from mild to robust and 3 crushed oils, including lemon, jalapeno and garlic. THCOC recently won top honors in the New York International Olive Oil Competition for two of their varieties. Sola Stella, the light buttery oil, won Gold and Texas Miller’s Blend, the robust peppery oil, won Silver. In October the Texas Miller’s Blend garnered The Wall Street Journal’s Top 5 Best Olive Oil produced in the U.S. The 12 balsamic vinegars, some of the tastiest found outside of Modena, Italy, include favorites such as Traditional, Fig and Peach and are available in the tasting room. Another tasty treat is the Gelato made with Sola Stella. Located in the heart of The Hill Country, they also carry a wide array of local Texas wines that are available for sampling and purchase. 
The family takes pride in the fact they have created the only […]

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