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Featured Vendors

Vendor Highlight: Tom Bombadil Mead

Vendor Highlight: Wildflower Mead from Tom Bombadil Mead – A refreshing wine produced from natural, raw Texas honey made from wildflowers, has hints of citrus giving a wonderful floral taste and available at the market every Sunday!


Learn More Here >>>

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April at the Market!

With spring and the month of April comes a few new vendors and offerings at the Lone Star Farmers Market!
Currently in Season: 

    Beets, Carrots, Oranges, Blood Oranges, Strawberries, Butternut Squash, Greens, Collards Greens, Kale, Curly Greens, Spinach, Fennel, Parsley, Leeks, Curly Lettuce, Mixed Lettuce, Parsnips, Sweet Potatoes, Radishes, Turnips, and Rutabaga.

New Vendors:

   Pop Art Organic Ice Pops -delicious locally-made and sourced, organic POP ART Popsicles!

  Tom Bombadill Meadery –  flavorful, locally made Meads (honey wine) and Melomels (fruit honey wines). Their Mead Maker has been making wine for almost 40 years with a special interest in Texas grown fruit and honey wine combinations.

 The Clipper Guy ~ Will be at the market every other Sunday starting April 3rd!

 ATX Jerky ~ Made with grass-fed Angus Beef is now offering Bison and Venison jerky.

Open every Sunday from 10am-2pm Rain or Shine
12611 Shops Pkwy, Bee Cave, TX 78738

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New Vendor: Shumdaddy’s BBQ Sauce

Started by Claire Shumrick ~ Shumdaddy’s BBQ Sauce available in Smokey Bourbon, Blackberry and Texas Sweet. These delicious sauces are made with pure ingredients, are all natural and gluten free. Pick some up at the market for your next barbecue.

Learn more about Shumdaddy’s visit HERE!

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New Vendor: Sanctuary Holistic Kitchen


Sanctuary Holistic Kitchen ~ Teaches everything from cooking & nutrition basics,  how to heal with whole foods, to making your own skin care and cleaning products and using essential oils at home. Learn how to replace your medicine cabinet with natural remedies.

Sanctuary Holistic Kitchen also offers classes and products available to strengthen your immune system and relieve your ailments and one-on-one & group health coaching, corporate wellness & food sensitivity testing is available with SHK’s founder, Robin L. Cervantes.

Sanctuary Holistic Kitchen FOOD PHILOSOPHIES:

Use traditional, slow foods and recipes that are easy to follow and have minimal ingredients.
Source local, organic, wild and free-range ingredients whenever possible.
Use foods in season whenever possible to reduce carbon footprint.
Teach the importance of super foods and their ability to nourish the body.
Eating healthy can be affordable and accessible.
The body can often heal itself with nutrition and natural remedies.
Everyone is an individual, and there is no one way of eating that is right for everyone.

Be sure to stop by and say hello.

To learn more about Sanctuary Holistic Kitchen visit HERE.

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New Vendor Alert: Crubom Chocolates

 Crubom chocolate only uses ingredients that are simple and raw:  raw cacao butter, raw cacao powder, cold-pressed coconut oil, and Good Flow local honey.

However their flavors are a bit less simple offering such things as:  Pink Himalayan Sea Salt/Cayenne, Grated Ginger/Pink Himalayan Sea Salt/Lemon Zest, Hemp Seed, Goji Berry, Sunbutter/Maca, Crispy Dark, White/Coffee, Orange {seasonally}, Peppermint, The Rodrick (Crispy Peppermint), Coconut, Basil, and Sprouted Pumpkin Seed/Celtic Sea Salt.

But don’t worry, chocolate purists, they offer  Just Dark and Just White, too.

Be sure to stop by and say hello. To learn more about them visit HERE.

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New Flavor for Dad’s Granola!

Pumpkin and Sunflower Seeds are the shining stars in the newly flavored granola from Dad’s.

Dad’s granola is a nutritious breakfast, a delicious snack and a versatile nut based topping for desserts and other foods.

Dad’s is available in a few other delicious flavors: Almond or Pecan and with or without agave nectar. Loaded with organic, toasted rolled oats, pecans or almonds, cashews, lightly sweetened with maple syrup and agave nectar and finished with a hint of coconut oil – it’s a bowl of pure deliciousness.

Most varieties come in a super crunchy texture, are low glycemic index, and not too sweet. Certified gluten-free oats are also available.

To learn more about Dad’s Premium Granola or to Order Visit HERE.

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This Month At The Market

As things start to heat up, so does the farmers market produce. The hot, hot, hot peppers are coming in along with things like tomatoes, cucumbers, okra, sweet peppers, peaches, plums, basil, watermelon, zucchini, eggplant, melons, carrots, fennel, salad greens, and corn.

Stock up on those berries before they are all gone and gather up those tomatoes for storing some fresh made tomato sauce and salsas.

We have several new vendors ~ be sure to stop by and say hello, try their samples and support our local businesses.

See you at the Market!



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New Vendor Alert: Suds & Buds + The Farmer Florist

NEW Vendor Alert: We are thrilled to welcome Suds & Buds and The Farmer Florist to the market!

Suds & Buds: They are the bees knees ~ homegrown rosemary and local Texas honey mixed in a shea and mango butter base with essential oils.

The Farmer Florist delivers fresh cut, locally grown flowers, bouquets, and herbs to the market.

Stop by Sunday at the Lone Star Farmers Market to learn more and say hello.


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Vendor Highlights: Kuxtal Coffee

Guatemalan grown, Texas roasted.
The Kuxtal coffee beans are all processed at the farm in Guatemala using natural spring water as a wet wash, then sun dried. After proper drying has been completed its then shipped directly to Kuxtal Coffee and Tea for roasting. The Kuxtal facility is located in the picturesque Hill Country and lakeside community of Lago Vista Texas. The beans are then roasted on a 1913 Royal #5 Coffee Roaster or as some might refer to as a piece of history, art and functionality all rolled into one.
Co-founders, Scott and Regina Bogart, have been roasting coffee as a hobby for the past 20 plus years. While living in Guatemala, prior to their relocating to Texas in 2001, the couple always looked forward to receiving fresh green beans from the local farms so they could roast their own fresh batches. Available in whole bean, ground or just a cup at the market.
Watch this great video to learn more about their flavorful beans and what makes them so special:

For more information about Kuxtal Coffee visit the HERE or stop by and see them at the market!

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Vendor Highlights: The Maple Syrup Lady ~ Pure Maple Syrup

Owner, Anna Aldridge was born and raised on the farm in Blanchard, Michigan and recently found herself living in Austin, Texas where her husband works.  Realizing that pure maple syrup was in high demand and difficult to find, Blackberry Blossom Foods was born!  Products are now available in many central Texas farmers markets, health food stores, and from our online store.

Blackberry Blossom Foods produces and sells pure Michigan maple syrup from our family farm in Blanchard, Michigan.  We tap over 6,000 maple trees on our property every spring, hand gather the sap, and cook it down in our wood fired evaporator.  The finished syrup has no additives.

After we reduce the maple sap to make maple syrup, we transport it down to Austin, Texas where it is bottled up for sale.  We also use our all-natural maple syrup to make maple candy and maple butter.

To learn more about The Maple Syrup Lady visit HERE!

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