Vendor Highlight: Buddha’s Brew Kombucha

Vendor Highlight: This month Buddha’s Brew Kombucha is featuring their newest seasonal Rio-Red GRAPEFRUIT along with ,Blueberry, Super Greens, Ginger, and -Lime.

Come to the market with your refillable glass or purchase their revamped Growler Logo!

Vendor Highlight: ATX Homemade Jerky

Vendor Highlight: We love the beef jerky artists from ATX Homemade Jerky! Try their Original, Peppered, Spicy Peppered, and Full Flavored beef jerky varieties.

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Vendor Highlight: Vital Farms

The most nutritious and delicious pasture-raised eggs from Vital Farms girls that are free to forage and graze outdoors year-round. Pick some up this Sunday at the market!

#knowyoureggs #farmersmarket #PastureRaised

Vendor Highlight: Comanche Oaks Farm

Vendor Highlight: We love the organic farmers from Comanche Oaks Farm! This month they are featuring black eyed peas, zipper peas, hibiscus, sugar cane, collards, kale, honey, bee pollen, and strawberry figs!

#knowyourfarmer #knowyourfood


Vendor Highlight: Wright Longhorn Beef

Vendor Highlight: Wright Longhorn Beef ~ Lean grass-fed beef from healthy, happy Texas Longhorns available at the market every Sunday.