Owner, Anna Aldridge was born and raised on the farm in Blanchard, Michigan and recently found herself living in Austin, Texas where her husband works.  Realizing that pure maple syrup was in high demand and difficult to find, Blackberry Blossom Foods was born!  Products are now available in many central Texas farmers markets, health food stores, and from our online store.

Blackberry Blossom Foods produces and sells pure Michigan maple syrup from our family farm in Blanchard, Michigan.  We tap over 6,000 maple trees on our property every spring, hand gather the sap, and cook it down in our wood fired evaporator.  The finished syrup has no additives.

After we reduce the maple sap to make maple syrup, we transport it down to Austin, Texas where it is bottled up for sale.  We also use our all-natural maple syrup to make maple candy and maple butter.

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The Maple Syrup Lady